Sunday, February 24, 2013

1 or 2?!

I can't believe that our first ultrasound is the day after tomorrow...Less then 48 hours! It's hard to believe that we've known for almost 3 whole weeks. It feels like its been forever and time is going soooo sloooow! 

We will leave Tuesday morning for Portland. Normally i would have plenty to do for my business, but since I took all of January and February off in order to be prepared for whatever the out come was...I've got nothing to do!  Luckily this coming week and the next week I have quite a few different photo shoots planned, 3 of which are maternity shoots! I'm looking forward to all of them.

 I have been finding the most random things to do to fill my time and attempt to make my days go faster. One day I completely went through out our whole house(minus the garage) and purged...BIG time. The amount of things we got rid of was insane but it felt great. I'm sure the church that we donated to will make some nice molah off of all that we donated!! Most recently, I've decided to try my hand at sewing. Back in December Costco had a killer deal on a sewing machine and I decided to grab it while the machine was there. I hadn't opened the box yet, I think I was a bit intimidated. I haven't sewn since I was in middle school. There may have been a few random sewing days with my Grandma when I was in high school, but not many and not enough to confidently know what I was doing. Well, a few days ago my hubby got new uniforms for work and his pants were way to long and needed to be hemmed. I didn't have time to do it right then and thing I know, my husband has his metal measuring tape out, along with his metal square ruler and he was cutting the bottoms off his pants off. Lol. After that, I see him pulling my sewing machine out, which was still in the box. Before I knew it he had the whole thing totally set up and was going to town hemming his own pants. Lol! I was dieing laughing, it was hilarious seeing my manly man of a husband, hemming his own pants with a sewing machine. I guess the Army taught him well!

 Anyways, I found some really cute and simple patterns on Pinterest and decided to give some burp rags a shot. Off to our ghetto Joann's I went for some fabric! Before I knew it I had 6 burp cloths done! I think they came out super cute! Joann's didn't have much in the way of gender neutral fabric but oh well. Here is 2 different ones, the others are waiting to be sewn.

Holly is doing well. She's having waves of nausea and the other lovely symptoms that go along with a baby growing inside you. I keep expecting to get a text saying she was hugging the toilet, but that has not come yet. Maybe it won't. She never threw up during her first pregnancy, just the same nausea like shes having now.She's still getting a Progesterone shot every night in the booty. Right now she is just over 6 weeks along. It will be interesting to see what changes in the next few weeks. 

With the ultrasound being on Tuesday my nerves are growing more and more with each day.
 My fingers are crossed that it/they are growing well and are healthy, first and foremost. 
But, is it 1 or 2
What is your guess?!

We will know Tuesday afternoon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2 pink lines...

Ohh my! Where do I even start!!! This last week has been crazy and emotional..and slow! If this post is all sorts of jumbled up, I apologize, that's basically how my brain feels..crazy!

Last Tuesday, the 5th, Holly sent me a picture of a very faint positive on a pregnancy test. WHAT! AHHH! That was only 5 days passed our 5 day transfer!!! On day 6, she took a digital test and got this pretty little symbol!
 I was in shock, excited, name it! As the days went on the positive test slowly got darker and darker. Let me just say, keeping that quiet was the hardest thing I've EVER had to do!! I was bursting at the seams!!

 Finally, come Monday it was time for the first blood draw. Her appointment was at 9:30am and we were told to expect the call with results between 2 and 5. Let me tell you, that few hours between her test and the call seemed to take FOR-EVEEER! All of us were going crazy playing that silly waiting game. Finally! The call came and her beta level was 310 with progesterone being well over 40(they didn't give me an exact number, just that it was over 40). Great number and all showing she is, infact, GOOD and preggooooo!!!!!   O-M-G!

The nurse said they they were going to go ahead and do a 2nd blood draw, just to make sure her levels were still going up well. That test was scheduled for today and this afternoon we got the call that her 2nd beta was rising great and was up to 763. It doubled very nicely! 

Here is the progression of all the tests starting on February 5th, which was day 5. Keep in mind with this picture you really cant see the positives in the first few days but on the pictures each day with the test alone, you can see that 2nd line!
Here is a great test from yesterday, 12 days passed our 5 day transfer.

This is just mind blowing to me! I definitely am still in shock and am excited but I can't help but keep my guard up. It's just one of those things after you've been through all that we have, you've gotta protect the ol' heart strings... at least for a while. 

Our fingers, toes, arms and legs are crossed that everything continues to go well. And, as of right now our FIRST ULTRASOUND (I can't even believe I am typing/saying this!! The last time I saw our baby on an ultrasound, it had no heartbeat. I was pretty sure my heart was about to stop at any point too) is on the 26th of this month. Just under 2 weeks away. I literally have no idea what I am going to do with myself between now and then but I do know that WE ARE EXCITED! 

 Here is how we announced to Facebook after telling our family..

Grow, Baby Lind, grow, grow, grow! <3