Friday, December 21, 2012


Life just feels surreal right now. There have been a few big hurdles we've gotten to jump over the last 2 weeks. Good hurdles!

Holly and Randy went to injection teaching and learned all the ins & outs of the meds & injections. We sat in the office for an hour after waiting almost 45 mins, it was a long appt! 

I started my birth control pills on Sunday. It's so weird that my eggs will be harvested yet I'm on bc. This is how mine and Holly's cycles get to be on the same page, using bc. Pretty interesting!

Last week Holly and I made a trip down to the pharmacy at OHSU to get her meds. It's was a grocery bag full of stuff! And she had quite the variety! 

Insurance had been giving us some hell about 2 different thing, most recently was Holly's birth year. On the application it was listed as she was born in 2012. Oops! Finally, after what seemed like MONTHS I got an email that they had approved her application. That was such a huge weight off my shoulders!!!!!

While Erik and I were in Portland week before last we also got to sign our contract. YAY! A few days later our attorney sent it off to Holly and randy. They signed it and sent it off on Wednesday. Another huge weight off my shoulders. Here they are...signing their lives away! Muahhaha! (-;

 This picture was taken while we were up at Doernbechers Children Hospital. My sweet nephew(Holly and Randy's son) had his cochlear implant placed in his little ear on Wednesday. He made it through surgery like a little champ and is recovering well. It just so happened they had a free notary at the hospital which worked great! January 18th they will be going back to have the implant turned on. I can't wait to see this little man's world change right before our eyes.
A few days ago Holly and I received an email from Vanessa with our protocol and how everything will map out over the next month. Holly started her shots last night actually! She sent me these pictures and added in that randy had to do the shot for her. Lol.

 Giving yourself a shot in the gut is a mind game. It took me quite a few minutes to convince myself to just suck it up and finally do it back when I was doing them. I'll start my lupron shots December 31st. Eeek! 

As of right now it's looking like my egg retrieval will be sometime between the 24th & 29th of January with transfer being 3, 5 or 6 days later. 

It's going to be here before we know it!!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Insurance, provera, CONTRACT signing!

Geeze! I haven't updated this thing in almost a month! Truthfully, nothing has really been happening. We had a slight scare with the insurance that we are purchasing for Holly. They had denied her because of question asking if her employer would be paying or not. Obviously the answer is no, but we accidentally clicked yes when we were filling out the application. Luckily, all it took was a note saying that her employer will not be paying for the insurance. Hopefully all will be good now and we will have her covered by January 1st.

In other news, I've started my provera to induce a period and will be starting my birth control pills soon. After that its not long until shots begin and then its time for the egg extraction! Eek! I'll admit, I've really been trying not to think about that. From everything I've read most people are knocked out for that process. For whatever reason, ohsu doesn't not fully knock you out. They just  say that "you'll be comfortable". That scares me! ):

Oh! The good news! We signed our contract last night!!!! That did make me a bit more excited. Really, it's not that I am not excited, it's that I am soooo nervous. I have way to many thoughts in my head about what will happen if it all doesn't go as "planned". I'm just hoping that this one time in our journey can go as planned. Since we have our part of the contract signed, our attorney will now be sending it off to Holly for her to sign and then we are good to go!

 Here's to hoping!