Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When 2 become 3..

October 17th we had a 9:30am doctors appt for the 40 week appointment. Holly and I were anxious to see what was going on with Brystol. Cramping had continued, contractions were happening and we were ready! When Dr.Bair came in it seemed he was just as ready to get things moving. Holly's blood pressure had been a little high and there was a little protein in her urine but nothing major. They did run some blood work and we were to get the results that afternoon. When it came time to check Holly I asked if he'd be willing to strip Holly's membranes. He looked at Holly and she gave him a big ol, "heck yes! Do it!!"  Next thing we knew he was telling us that Holly was at a 4 and could be stretched to a 5 and then he was on to stripping her membranes. Once he was done he asked if we were ready for this baby. I'm sure everyone reading this can assume the correct answer. Dr.Bair had Holly get dressed and then wanted us to come to his office. He said he was going to call and see what the induction schedule looked like. I think Holly and I both were expecting him to say something about coming in the following week but next thing we heard was him asking what the schedule looked like for tomorrow morning. TOMORROW MORNING?! Holly and both looked at each other with some major excitement. As long as all the blood work came back ok (everything came back good)then check in was set for 7:30am on October 18th. 1 day before Brystol's set due date.  I never thought Holly would make it to 40 weeks, neither did the doctors!

The day had arrived, October 18th. As we made the 35 minute drive from home to the hospital at 630am it was still dark. The closer we got to the hospital the sun was coming up, the fog was lying low, the moon still visible, fall colors were brilliant and Mt.Hood looked beautiful. It was the perfect day to have a baby! We met Randy & Holly in the parking garage and off to labor and delivery we went. Holly had been having more intense contractions that morning, ones that she was breathing through but nothing consistent.
At 730 we checked in to labor and delivery and by 9:30 they had checked Holly, still at a 4 and pintocin had been started. By about noon Holly was pushing 5 and 90%. At 12:05 I had texted our birth photographer letting her know the update. She lives about 45 minutes from the hospital and decided she better go ahead and start heading over. Around 12:30 Erik, my Mom and I stepped out so that Holly could get the epidural. We were out in the waiting room for about 25 minutes, no more then 30. As we were walking back to the room we walked by the nurses station and our nurse is on the phone. We notice she's looking at us holding up 8 fingers. All the sudden we realized she was saying that Holly was 8cm!! I frantically was pulling my phone out to text Whitney(photographer) and Erik's Mom. Holy smokes!! I kid you not, not even 5 minutes later Holly is saying she's feeling lots of pressure. Nurse checks her and what do you know! She's ready and at a 10! Holy smokes! She went from a 4-5 to 10 in 30 minutes. Whitney made it just in time and then we were waiting for the doctor. In fact, one doctor stepped in and said she was going to stand here on stand by just in case that baby was coming out NOW. Luckily, she didn't. Holly did amazing while pushing. She did about 4 sets of 3 pushes and at 1:37pm the most perfect little Brystol Ann Lind was born into this world. Words will never be able to describe that moment, seeing our beautiful little girl, head full of hair, 10  perfect fingers and 10 LONG(lol) toes. 

 I was in a hospital gown so that once she was
born we could do skin to skin right away, and we did just that. Once the nurse put her on my chestshe just layed there opening her eyes and looking around, completely content in Mommy's arms. Here are some sneak preview photo's from out birth photographer. I can't wait to see the rest!!!

After a bit it was Daddy's turn, talk about seeing a manly man melt. I've been with my husband for 8 1/2 years and I've never seen that man melt and instantly be wrapped around that little girls fingers. It was/is adorable. He's wonderful with her!

By about 4pm we were moved to the post partum floor. We were able to get our own room, just the 3 of us, right next to Randy and Holly. It worked out great! By evening we were still on our adrenaline high and loving on this amazing little miracle. We had visitors come by to see her and before we
knew it, it was time to snuggle up and turn the lights out.

Brystol's God Parents, Jordan and Ashley.

Once those lights went out Brystol slept like a rock! I woke her up at 1am and 5am to eat, each time she just went right back to her happy place and slept. The next morning we had more visitors and basically waited around until we were discharged later that afternoon. Holly was discharged that morning as well. We got home around 8 that evening and settled right in. My Mom made us meals that were deeeelish & lasted us almost aweek. Erik's mom made us their yummy breakfast burritos too! Thank you, Grammy and Grandma!!

Being home has been a breeze. Seriously, she is such an easy going baby. I've taken care of a LOT of babies and I don't know that I've ever seen one so chill and relaxed. I think she knows that we've waited for her for so long! We're thoroughly enjoying parenthood. I don't have 1 complaint, not 1! We usually go to bed about 11 and she usually sleeps until somewhere between 5 and 7am. She will get a diaper change and bottle and then she's back asleep until about 9.

Words will never be able to describe the amount of joy this little miracle has brought into our life. She's such a joy and we couldn't ask for anything more wonderful. We soak up every little bit of her, every single day. Her long hair, sweet little blue eyes, hairy little back, long fingers, her little puppy dog noises and snorts...everything. She's just perfect! And, without her wonderful Auntie, we wouldn't have her here in out arms today. 

Speaking of her Auntie...check this girl out!! Did she really just have a baby?!

Brystol and Cousin Kaden

Her first real bath. She LOVES her bath time!

We want to thank everyone for the kind words, calls, texts, flowers and gifts you all sent. The amount of love this little girl has from everywhere is just amazing and we sincerely appreciate you all! 

I'll leave you with a few more previews from our newborn session with our photographer... Prepare to be amazed!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

37 & 38 weeks

11 days from our due date! 11 DAYS!! I can't believe the time has come and our little girl could literally be here any day now. Holly is doing well but to the point that every pregnant woman gets too...she wants Brystol out! I can't blame her. At our 36 week appt Holly was 1cm and about 20% effaced. By our 37 week appt she was 2cm and 80%. At our 38 week appt this last Friday she was still a 2 and 80% with a few light contractions here and there. She has been using Evening Primrose Oil to help soften her cervix, walking and rolling around on her exercise ball in hopes of getting some things going.  Hopefully persistence will pay off and sooner rather then later we will meet our baby girl!  We are ready! 

We moved into our new house(FINALLY) on the 26th and from then on out it was full force get baby room done. Thankfully, we finished that and now for the most part have the rest of the house put together and it's starting to really feel like our home. Here are some quick shots of our little girls fabulous bedroom. (Don't worry, the baby monitor is not staying there)
This chair was mine when I was a little girl, given to me by my grandparents. 

It looks crooked, but I promise, it's not. 
The swing moved when our chair came in. 


Last but not least...the bassinet is set up next to our bed..waiting for a little girl! 

Our baby hunch guesses have been coming in. Today was the day I chose. There is still time!

Here are zee bellayyyy shots for the last 2 weeks...

The "What to expect" app finishes out the last month with a watermelon each week. 
Boring! We switched it up and used The Bump instead. 

Quite the comparison picture...

Here's to hoping my next blog post will be about our little girl joing the family. 
Come on Brystol, we want to meet your sweet face!