Sunday, July 21, 2013

3d ultrasound!

We finally got to go in for our 3d ultrasound! Oh my goodness, let me just start off by saying...if you are on the fence about doing one of these, DO IT! They are sooo amazing! One of my besties who is about 6 weeks ahead of us went and had her 3d done as well. We went first and Miss Brystol was being a bit camera shy. The tech took a break and had Holly eat some sugar and do some exercises to try and get Brystol to move around a bit. While Holly was doing that Sarah got up on the table and got to see her sweet little man, Weston. We each got to sit and look at those 2 sweet little faces for well over an hour. We even got to see both babies open their eyes. It was a bit creepy but kinda cool too! Ohh I can't wait to finally meet those 2 sweet faces!

Here is our girl... 


And here is the video they also take for you at the ultrasound. It's the entire ultrasound. (:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

25 & 26 weeks

I cannot believe we are almost to the 3rd trimester!!! Look how big she's getting!

Longest cucumber ever, right? Lol! Thank you, Costco! It was actually even an inch short! 

I feel very lucky to be able to say that everything is continuing to go well. Holly is doing great and as you can see, so is Miss Brystol. Daddy finally got to feel her move the other night. That was wonderful and his face just light right up when she gave a quick kick. It was cute! 

Here's what Holly sends me when the little lady goes crazy...

I wish she would do that when we are around the belly! I need to feel and see this!! (-;

On Saturday us and one of my good friends, who is also expecting, are going to go have the 3D ultrasounds done. We can't wait to see some cute little faces!!!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013


I haven't updated my blog in so long! Things have been a bit hectic in our lives. On the 21st of June we had our home in College Place, Washington packed up and off to The Portland, Oregon area we went. Home! We both grew up about 20 miles out of Portland in a very small town. Me on a farm, Erik in town. It will always be home to us. For now we are living on the farm with my parents until we find a house near Salem, OR where Erik is working. We have an offer in on a home and will hopefully be hearing back from them today. Fingers crossed! Erik started his new job today. Same career just a new location in a "new" state. Bigger and better oppertunities, a new start! We are going to miss all our dear friends in Washington. We moved there knowing 1 person but left with many great friendships and memories that we will cherish forever. If it wasn't for meeting our neighbors who quickly became one of my best friends, I don't know what I would have done. 💕

Brystol & Holly continue to do well. We had a doctors appt last week, everything went great and is right on track.

Sometimes I wonder where these people live when they are comparing their fruit or veggie to the size they say. Finding an 8 inch papaya was impossible, along with a 9 inch eggplant! You get the idea. 😉

One of these days I'm hoping that little lady will decide to move for us when we touch Holly's growing bump. Every time I put my hand on Holly's belly Brystol decides its time to take a nap or be a statue and not move. Lol. Poor Holly gets so frustrated that I can't feel her. We have couch dates every once in a while. Holly reclines on the couch and just chill there with my hand, waiting. It'll happen though, hopefully soon!

As of today we have 32 days until our baby shower and 109 until the due date! This summer is going to go by quickly, I hope!!!!!