Friday, September 19, 2014

10 months

10 months..another month down, another month that has absolutely FLOWN by and another month closer to having a 1 year old!
This girl of ours is a cruising machine, crawling all over the place, into any and everything she can get her hands on. She's starting to cruise the furniture and I even saw her let go the other day. I'm ok with her not walking yet..sooo not ready for that!
Brystol now says Bye Bye. It's so sweet! She loves waving to her Daddy when he leaves for work. She is OBSESSED with our dogs, Daisy and Lucy. She squeals with SO much excitement when she sees them in the morning. It is hilarious!
We love this kid. I'll never get over how happy she is! It's a very, very rare moment that she is not happy and smiling. Even when she's only had a 45 minute nap all day she is still a trooper!

We leave in a few days to go on a camping trip to a lake up on Mt.Hood. Hopefully she will have a great time!
Today I dropped 1st Birthday invites in the mail. Stay tuned for more...
Here are a few pictures for this month..

Brystol's God Parents, Jordan & Ashley, had their little boy almost 2 weeks ago. Lucas is such a tiny little man, its hard to believe that B was once that small! We are so happy he is finally here & is such a handsome little man. (Don't mind this horribly grainy pic)

Hanging out while Mommy and Daddy get the trailer ready for camping.

Showing off her American Pride on Sept 11th.

Being a big girl and munching on an apple at the farm!

Working on Nana's Birthday gift!
Brystol & Nana with Bruystol's gift... "Nana's Coop"

Gotta keep those pearly whites clean!


Filling out her Grandparent's Day cards..

Well, here's to a happy & healthy 11 months!
LOL...yep, that's our pride and joy!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

9 months

Guess who finally decided she was ready to crawl! Yep, finally! Funny little girl. We can't keep her out of anything and staying in 1 spot doesn't last for long. I feel the need to get a corral. Besides, crawling to get mom or dad's shoes is way more fun then playing with her own toys. 

The last few weeks Brystol has taken on a major interest in the dogs. If we walk in the door and they are there to greet us she gets all sorts of excited and screams her little head off. Then we chase them around and she think it's the most hilarious thing ever. The dogs probably aren't as excited and. B gets but they deal with it. (: We spend a lot of our evenings outside. The dogs are always wrestling around, B just sits there laughing at them. 

Little miss is still a great sleeper, great eater & such a laid back happy girl. Her favorite foods right now are peaches & watermelon. She gets so excited when were shopping at the fruit stand and she see's those. Yesterday we went to a first birthday party for Brystol's friend(boyfraaan), Weston. She LOVED Weston's cake. It was a banana cake with banana slices and custard in the center. Holy yum! I couldn't shovel it in her mouth fast enough. Other than potatoes and avocado early on, Brystol hasn't been picky about any food. She likes both of those things now & I'd love it if it stayed that way. We shall see. 

With summer winding down and fall approaching were hoping to get a few more camping trips in before the rainy season really begins. I really can't believe were less than 2 months (this blog will always be a month behind) from my baby turning 1!!!!!! *insert tears here*
chowing down on Momma's spaghetti!
Dancing with PaPa at the Garlic Festival
B and Weston
Pucker up buddy!
Cuz sometimes you just gotta take a bath in the kitchen sink!

Time for a new car seat!

Here's to a happy & healthy 10 months old! 


Friday, July 25, 2014

8 months

8 months! My little Boo Boo's is approaching 1 year old way too soon.
We've had a great summer so far. Camping trips, other little weekend getaways, teeth coming in, learning some sign language, attempting to crawl, new much!
We bought a trailer for camping & have been enjoying it. We took it on its maiden voyage to Detroit Lake & had a great time.
This year was Erik's first Father's Day! We had to travel to eastern Washington for a wedding I had to do but we had a great time. These are some photos Brystol and I did for Erik's Father's day gift.

While we were over there we got to see friends and the best one.. Mr.Mateo! Such a miracle that little man is. Comparing him to Brystol it is hard to believe he is only 3 weeks younger.

B with Walla Walla friends Tyler and Charlee

4 of my favorite Father's. My Daddy, hubby and brother's.

Before we went East for the weekend Brystol and I joined my parents at the Strawberry festival. This girl LOVED her some strawberry shortcake!! Best stuff ever, as you can see she's grabbing for more on the HUGE plate of it.

The 4th of July was fun. Brystol LOVED the fireworks and we had a great time out camping.
Crappy quality cell phone shot.

Little Miss still isn't crawling. She really wants to. She gets up on those hands and knees and rocks back and forth and then flops. I guess she figures for now she can get everywhere she wants by rolling around. Yesterday she started attempting to pull herself up in her crib. Guess who's crib is getting lowered! She now has her 6th tooth through. As for anything else new, it feels like this last month went so fast and not a ton changed. We did roll in 9 months with a sick girl. She threw up and had a fever for 5 long days. Doc said it's a virus going around. Joy! So glad she's feeling better!
 Here's to 9 months old...
PS: Party planning for a 1st full swing!!!