Friday, September 19, 2014

10 months

10 months..another month down, another month that has absolutely FLOWN by and another month closer to having a 1 year old!
This girl of ours is a cruising machine, crawling all over the place, into any and everything she can get her hands on. She's starting to cruise the furniture and I even saw her let go the other day. I'm ok with her not walking yet..sooo not ready for that!
Brystol now says Bye Bye. It's so sweet! She loves waving to her Daddy when he leaves for work. She is OBSESSED with our dogs, Daisy and Lucy. She squeals with SO much excitement when she sees them in the morning. It is hilarious!
We love this kid. I'll never get over how happy she is! It's a very, very rare moment that she is not happy and smiling. Even when she's only had a 45 minute nap all day she is still a trooper!

We leave in a few days to go on a camping trip to a lake up on Mt.Hood. Hopefully she will have a great time!
Today I dropped 1st Birthday invites in the mail. Stay tuned for more...
Here are a few pictures for this month..

Brystol's God Parents, Jordan & Ashley, had their little boy almost 2 weeks ago. Lucas is such a tiny little man, its hard to believe that B was once that small! We are so happy he is finally here & is such a handsome little man. (Don't mind this horribly grainy pic)

Hanging out while Mommy and Daddy get the trailer ready for camping.

Showing off her American Pride on Sept 11th.

Being a big girl and munching on an apple at the farm!

Working on Nana's Birthday gift!
Brystol & Nana with Bruystol's gift... "Nana's Coop"

Gotta keep those pearly whites clean!


Filling out her Grandparent's Day cards..

Well, here's to a happy & healthy 11 months!
LOL...yep, that's our pride and joy!

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