Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Appointments, appointments and then some

It seems like every week there are new things coming up, more appointments being made and more money to be spent. It's all getting to be really stressful for me. It's always on my mind, I have a gazillion things constantly on my mind as of lately. Currently, I am trying to keep my excitement on the side line. I know a little part of me is letting the excitement slip out but for the most part I am trying to keep it on the sideline.

After today keeping my excitement on the sidelines is a bit harder. Holly is now to the point in her cycle that she can start the mock cycle. Tomorrow She starts on a pill called Estrace, which helps thicken her lining. She will take these pills for about 2 weeks and then will go in on the 6th to have her lining checked, a saline sonogram of her uterus done and blood for the FDA screenings. Then, on the 8th Holly will go in for her psych test. So, right now Miss Holly is scheduled out for the 30th of October with the MFM doc, the 6th with Dr.P and then 8th with the psychologist. Along with all these appointments, myself, my hubby and my brother all have to also get out FDA screenings done. Mine is scheduled for the 8th and hopefully Randy can go in with me at the same time to get his out of the way along with Erik too. At first it was weird to me that we all needed to do the screening but since Holly is my brothers wife, it makes sense that all partners need to be screened.

Earlier today I was sitting and calculating everything that goes into this whole process. I just don't understand how any of these places can even feel right about the amounts that they charge. It truly is outrageous! Just an initial 35 minute appointment with Dr.P is $450. That's all out of pocket because lovely health insurance doesn't cover ANYTHING before the GC is preggo. I was reading something the other day that said your average cost ivf with a GC can run upwards of 40 thousand dollars!! Although I could never put a price on a child...it is a bit insane! And, to think that going through an agency is upwards of 80k! Hard to believe that the only thing more an agency would have done for us is finding us a GC. So 40-ish more thousand dollars just to find us a match. What.the.hell! So glad to have a willing family member help us make our dreams come true.... lord knows 80k is not in our budget. Lets just hope that all the meds work well and on the first try! For the both of us the doc estimates those suckers to be about 10 thousand dollars!! Ugh!

With that being said, I think I'm gona have a car wash to raise money. I'll make signs... "Donate to the WE WANT A BABY FUND & THIS INFERTILE WOMAN WILL WASH YOUR CAR!!!" Lol!!!! KIDDING!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stepping stones..

Well, another step down, a bunch more to go. On Tuesday my little GC and I went to her first appt with Dr.P at OHSU. All went well with him and then we were off to meet with Vanessa, our IVF coordinator. I absolutely adore that woman! She is the perfect person to be doing the job she does. She has such a bubbly personality and always seems to be very positive and alwayyyys helpful. While we were there Vanessa put in the referral for Holly(our GC) to go see the maternal fetal medicine doctor. This is another step in the process that has to be checked off before we can call Holly our official Gestational Carrier. Realistically, the MFM doc has no reason not to give Holly the OK. She's young, healthy and had a great previous pregnancy. That appt will be October 30th. Cross your fingers all goes well and we are in the clear to continue.

While meeting with Vanessa I asked what she thought about a possible transfer time line, assuming all goes well. At this point it's looking like a transfer could happen around the middle of January. January seems like its forever away. The holidays are almost here, I can only hope that makes time fly by and January will be here before I know. Adios 2012..hello 2013!!  Fingers crossed that my body responds well to all these medications and that estimated time can actually happen!!!

The next step, along with the MFM doctor, is for Holly to have her psychological evaluation/test done. I've heard it's a pretty intense evaluation but I am sure she will pass with flying colors. (: That appt will be scheduled soon and I can't wait to be checking that appt off the list.

I think that's about all I have to update on for now. (-:

Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15th..

My newest tattoo... This is how I remember my loss.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A glimmer of hope

I haven't updated this in a few weeks and figured it was time. I've had a secret up my sleeve and have kept it quite for a while now. After this last week I decided to let the cat out of the bag. If you've been following this roller coaster ride you know we've been on the hunt for another gestational carrier. After a ton of debating on which way to go in our search I think we've found a great option.

My little brother and sister in law got married a few weeks ago and right after the wedding my sister in law and I were talking about this whole process and how it all happens. Knowing that our former surrogate decided to not continue my sister in law threw out that she was more then willing to do it and has said it before that if I ever needed a surrogate that she would be my carrier. At first I really was not interested. All I could think about was the tension it would cause between my brother and I. I feel like my brother and I have come a long ways over the last year or so and don't want to mess that up. After talking to my brother more about all this I realized he was all in and understood what all of this meant. I sent my sister in law a quick text telling her and randy to really think about it, ask questions and do some research. A few days later she let me know that she still wants to do it, she wants to be my baby oven!!! Sooo exciting! We had them over to our house last weekend so we could all talk and answer any questions either of them might have had. We had a blast! Went fishing in the mountains and enjoyed the sunny weather in downtown walla walla.

So, as of right now, it's pretty well official that my sissy, Holly, will be carrying our baby!!!!!!!! Next week on the 16th her and I will head into OHSU for her to have the initial consultation with Dr.P and we will go from there!

I'm crossing my fingers that we are back on the positive road and will soon see a light at the end of this tunnel.

Bring on the shots, right Holly?!? Lol...